Friday, June 12, 2009

Onion skins

Had a phonecall from Johannesburg. People who do packaging of vegetables. They have LOADS of brown onion outside skins on a weekly basis. This is ideal for making compost but I'm too far to pick it up on a weekly basis. The first outside white skin is also included so red wigglers are no big fans of this one.
If anybody has possible a use for this free item, please let me know!!! Its a pity to waste it and pigs do not eat it either!

What to feed them - and what NOT!

You all know the basic feeding tips - well as time passes, experience also passes!
Apparently - well so it seems in my SoilSoulS WormBox - earthworms HATE pineapple - the very high acid content of course!
So avoid too much pineapple
O, they absolutely LOVE autumn leaves, avo's and paw-paws!!
And if you feed the worms manure - avoid too much urine. So don't pick up manure if cows are crowded - well speak to the owner, as it is also a health risk. O, and avoid manure if cows were dewormed!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

feeding worms bread.....

This message from Wormswrangler....our exporter:

We have found that bread kills worms. What seems to happen is that the yeast is still alive no matter how old the bread. The yeast seems to really love being inside the worms. The yeast multiplies inside the worm. We have pictures of worms that have bubbles pop out the side of their skins. These bubbles literally explodes.

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worms crawling out!

I've just had a phonecall from my neighbour, Jenny - her worms tried to crawl out after she harvested her first batch......

A: earthworms are very sensitive creatures and hate uncertainty or change in routine. So, if you bother them too much - or move them around - they might decide to "pack up"! The only way to avoid this is to keep them in a spot with a light switched on for the first few evenings. They hate light and will make the best of what they have and settle back in!
Remember this ANYTIME you moved them around!