Friday, June 12, 2009

Onion skins

Had a phonecall from Johannesburg. People who do packaging of vegetables. They have LOADS of brown onion outside skins on a weekly basis. This is ideal for making compost but I'm too far to pick it up on a weekly basis. The first outside white skin is also included so red wigglers are no big fans of this one.
If anybody has possible a use for this free item, please let me know!!! Its a pity to waste it and pigs do not eat it either!

What to feed them - and what NOT!

You all know the basic feeding tips - well as time passes, experience also passes!
Apparently - well so it seems in my SoilSoulS WormBox - earthworms HATE pineapple - the very high acid content of course!
So avoid too much pineapple
O, they absolutely LOVE autumn leaves, avo's and paw-paws!!
And if you feed the worms manure - avoid too much urine. So don't pick up manure if cows are crowded - well speak to the owner, as it is also a health risk. O, and avoid manure if cows were dewormed!